The three pillars of proper maintenance of your Jacuzzi


Bath water circulation

Stagnant water can end up having a rather dark and cloudy appearance, on the other hand, the water that circulates on a regular basis always looks clean and crystalline, since by passing through the bathtub filters, we help to trap the contaminants that may be in the water in our home spa.

We must know our small spa pool well, to know what automatic circulation schedule will guarantee that all the water in the bathtub passes through the filters. It is important that if our jacuzzi does not have an automatic circulation cycle, we make sure to turn it on for about 20 minutes a day for a correct sanitization of the water.

Tips from a Jacuzzi professional

When you circulate the water, add some tennis balls . Hot water draws oils, lotions, and soaps out of your body and clothing, and filters can’t always trap them. The fibers of a tennis ball, on the other hand, will absorb them, helping the filters to maintain completely clean water. The pool owners should have these apps on their phone.

Always try to program automatic circulation during the hours when your electricity rate has the lowest consumption price to save on electricity

Scrub our outdoor Jacuzzi

Although it is the task that we like least, this is a fundamental part of the effective maintenance of our hot tub.

Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs are prone to foam and dirt build up. But especially when our spa is outside, and even more so if we have our jacuzzi in the garden, we must be attentive to the debris of the open air such as leaves, dust blown by the wind, insects, etc. That is why we must pay special attention to everything that accumulates in the sheet of water and the seats of our hot tub. In order to avoid the accumulation of debris in our hot tub, we can purchase an outdoor hot tub cover .

A weekly cleaning with a sponge and some white vinegar in the entire casing of our small spa pool and especially in its jets, will help us in the maintenance of the Jacuzzi. We must also take advantage of this moment of pampering our bathtub to clean the possible mark that the water leaves on the edges.

A good regular cleaning of our whirlpool bath with a 10% bleach solution will also help us to keep mold at bay.

In addition to the usual cleaning routine, it is important to plan a complete drain and cleaning of our spa every three to four months and even more often if we enjoy it very frequently. You can find a lot of pool vaccums on the market, but not all are good.